The Cork Material

Cork is an ecological material from vegetal origin, extracted from cork bark, which can be used  as a raw material of an unusual durability and strenght, since extracted from the cork tree, the cork returns to regenerate itself naturally, an environmental renewal process lasting about nine years. Above all, cork is an 100% natural material, recycle and reusable, contributing for a modern society, ecofriendly.
Actually cork is used for flooring, insulation, in the manufacture of instruments, decoration, footwear and fashion acessories.
Althought Portugal is a small country, it is responsible for 50% of the world production of cork. Other producers are Spain, South of France, South of Italy and more recently, Morocco, Argely and Tunisie.


The Cork oak forests, are delicated and very specific ecosystems, which  subsist only in the mediterranean area, Argely and Morocco, in particular in the southern regions of the Iberian Peninsula as Portugal, the country with the largest area of cork oaks In the world (Portugal has around 730 thousand hectares of cork oaks, that represent 33% of the total cork worldwide).
Corkdesign actually selsl in Portugal (including the portuguese islands ) and has Agents in other markets such as USA, Canada, France, Chile, Luxembourg, Germany, Holland, Greece, Russia, Norway, Switzerland, England, Australia and Dubai.
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